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"Design is not just what it looks like, design is how it works"  -Steve Jobs
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Who We Are
ENS Design Group was established in September of 2017.  We are a fairly new and unique design company currently serving in the Okanagan (BC, Canada) and online.  ENS Design Group offers a wide variety of design services, but specializes in architecture.  We operate from our house which gives us more freedom to be with our family, therefore we can offer a variety of ways to communicate and/or meet.  We offer meetings online (via Skype or Facetime), or locally (typically at a conference room in one of the Landmark buildings in Kelowna or if it's more convenient, in a coffee shop or restaurant), or we can even meet onsite.  We believe in giving our clients the freedom to choose what's most convenient for them.  Our company stands on principles and values that guarantee a satisfying and enjoyable experience when working with ENS Design.
What We Do
  1. Mechanical Design
    Part Replication Design Tool Design 3D Print Services Concept to Prototype Designs
  2. Graphic/Web Design
    Graphic Design Work Website Design Email Marketing Services Company Branding
  3. Architectural Services
    Architectural Services
    Custom Home Design Renovation Drafting Custom Furniture Design Architectural 3D Rendering