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Drafting & Design Services for all your outsourcing needs

ENS Design Group proudly offers remote drafting and design services for all your outsourcing and CAD design needs. We specialize in architecture, civil, mechanical, product prototyping, 3D services, and furniture design. We are a home-based business which allows us to have more freedom to be with our family, therefore we can offer a variety of ways to communicate and more flexible with our meetings. Meetings can be scheduled online via Skype, Whatsapp, TeamViewer, or Facetime. We believe in giving our clients the freedom to choose what's most convenient for them and taking advantage of all the technological resources we have. Our company stands on principles and values that guarantee a satisfying and enjoyable experience when working with ENS Design Group.

About the owner – Chris Rozycki grew up on the West Coast of Florida, lived in Tenessee, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Canada, Nicaragua, and now Guatemala.  So why is he living in Guatemala?  Because we saw the need, saw the hurt, the pain, and the suffering...  And we want to serve others, to help them get their feet on the ground and become more self-sustaining. There are many orphans, widows, elderly, addicts, disabled, and father-less kids who could use help.  We want and have a desire to help them.

Chris Rozycki graduated in 2001 with Honours from PHCC and received his Associate of Science degree in drafting and design and has been working in the drafting and design field for over 20 years.  He was part of PHI THETA KAPPA Honours Society and has worked with local award winning companies (Sticks and Stones Design Group and Mullins Home Design) and has learned the latest BC Building Codes.  His designs have been used on many multi-million dollar homes here in BC (including the twin creek place – Kelowna Ranch) and in Florida ( and has recently done most of the design work with Mullins Home Design (Home Builders: Authentech Homes, Link Custom Homes, and Rykon) for  McKinley Beach.  He loves the West Coast Modern Style homes as well as the classic and timeless Craftsman, Mediterranean, and Tuscan styles.  To set up a time to meet with Chris, just email us, and we'll connect.

Chris & Leah Rozycki
Chris Rozycki - Family