Our Services

We offer our services remotely | virtually and have 2D and 3D software experience.

Architectural Design
With over 15 years of experience in the Architectural field, we have the expertise and experience to design your new home or renovation.  We have designed houses in Florida, California, Texas, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and even British Columbia (Canada, eh).    Whether your favorite style is Modern, Craftsman, Rustic, Cape Cod, or Tuscan, we'll design it around you.  For a quote, click here.
Civil & Development Design
ENS Design Group can help you get your development to the ground breaking stage.  We know that developments are a huge investment or time and money.  We offer Grading Plans, Parking Lot Plans, Home Site Plans, Road Profiles and Street Improvement Plans, Sanitary and Utility Plans, and much more to help you get started.  For a quote, click here.
Mechanical Design
We can replicate the design of an existing or broken part, can design a specific tool, sheet metal design work and bends, metal welding and fabrication, CNC fabrication, and offer concept to manufacturing packages.  For a quote, click here.
Product & Prototype Design
No two products are the same, and many existing products could use an upgrade.  ENS Design Group is dedicated to seeking the best design and best usage for all new products.  We can help create your perfect invention or revise an existing product.  Our designers work through the design process quickly, thoroughly, and effeciently.  We keep our clients in-the-loop and always have our lines of communication open and available.  For a quote, click here.
Furniture Design
What started as a hobby has now become a passion.  Design runs in our blood, so no matter what your request is, we can design it for you.  Expert knowledge in materials, fabrications, colors, and design softwares, we can create that customized piece that will be a conversation piece to for all your guest.  For a quote, click here.